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Secrets of Spring Festival Couplets

Secrets of Spring Festical Couplets – Creating your own scrolls with artist Wang Xieda

Time: 3pm on Febuary 7 , 2021

Venue: Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66, Yincheng Rd, Shanghai

Artist: Wang Xieda

At 3pm on Feb. 7th, Nancy’s Gallery held a Spring Festival activity. The well-known contemporary artist Wang Xieda was invited. Wang Xieda gave a vibrant lecture on the tradition of Spring Festival couplets, and composed new couplets together with the audiences.
As a representative artist of Chinese abstract sculptors, Wang Xieda has a profound artistic achievement in ancient Chinese characters. His works carry both strong visual expression and images of ancient civilization. In his art, we can witness a combination of Chinese tradition and contemporary aesthetics.
After preheating and a brief introduction, Wang Xieda combined contemporary culture and Spring Festival couplets tradition, presenting an informative and engaging lecture.With a good understanding of Spring Festival couplets, the guests, along with Wang Xieda, went to Gallery B to create their own couplets, writing down their best wishes for the Chinese New Year on red papers.
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