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Artist: Jean Dolande

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As an actor having worked in an Actor Studio, I’m now entering the room of my unconscious.

You then feed yourself with this emotional universe and you either rescue emotions already inscribed, or you re-create emotional paths. As a seeker after emotions, I have experienced the word, then the gesture of the pantomime; I wanted to transpose the same emotion on the canvas.

I work with mineral and vegetable powders which are therefore alive and which I feed with Gregorian chants: the powders become saturated with these. To revive the colours, I have some of the paintings drying up under a wooden pyramid reproducing the Keops scale. After having performed such preliminary works, I begin my emotional search. According to the emotional scale within which I decide to work through letting go I try to reach emotional purity, just like the ultimate sound of a violin string just about to break.

It brings me, a painter, the privilege of not being dependent on anyone, to be alone with my canvas, the freedom of going as far as I wish, with no restriction, and with the entire intensity I long for.

I’m dedicated to emotion like priesthood.The human being is emotional, and the artist must transcend one’s emotions. The emotion is pure, ultimate and vibrant and enables you to approach some truth, it projects you beyond yourself: it embellishes all those who are touched by its grace. Colours have a vibratory impact on each of us and allow us to reset our energies. Imagine life as a system made up of multiple and infinite vibrations among which human beings act as transmitters, receptors of vibrations.

All these vibrations mingle, intermingle, blend and go away: in this way we are then all linked to one another in a medley of vibrations. Our thoughts circulate. Our emotions vibrate. Imagine that positive thoughts represent the specificity of being extremely radiant and colourful; then negative thoughts would only be mist, indiscernible from one another. Observe this vision which surrounds you and allow yourself to dream.

Interviewed by Mary CARON


2018 November Global Art Awards  DUBAI

2017 April  Zhoupu Art Museum  SHANGHAI

2016  May The Crossing of the Visible JIANGXI

2015  February Galerie Nichido  PARIS

September Musée des Beaux-Arts  CARTHAGE

2014  September Prix de peinture de la ville  LA FERTE BERNARD

December Sakurado Fine Arts  TOKYO

2013  March Musée Doland Art Modern  SHANGHAI.

March Duolun Museum of Modern Art  SHANGHAI

November Art 21  Rockbund  SHANGHAI

2012  November Grand Hyatt  HONG KONG

December East Gallery  Atlantis The Palm  DUBAI

2010  March Waldorf Hilton Hotel  LONDRES

June Exposition Universelle.Invité d’honneur au Pavillon francophone  SHANGHAI.

September Salon Art Fair. Pavillon français  SHANGHAI

2009  May Galerie Véra Amsellem  PARIS

December Exposition mobile Champs Elysées. Happening – PARIS

2008  June Deux heures au Musée Jacquemart André. Happening  PARIS

July Exposition RedLine  PARIS

November Allées Eternelles. Père Lachaise. Happening  PARIS

December Contemporary Art Fair  CANTON

2007  Décember Contemporary Art  NEW YORK

2006  May Art Fair  SHANGHAI

September La Rotonde  LAUSANNE

October Toile de 20 mètres . Happening  CASABLANCA

2005  November Salon Art fair – SHANGHAI

2004  July L’Olympia. Salon de l’Art Contemporain  LONDRES

2002  September Atelier Z : Sub-Réalité  PARIS

Décember Galerie F.H. Art Forum  PARIS

2001  May Salon Art Contemporain  HONG KONG

November Salon Art  SHANGHAI

1999  September ARTEC  7ème exposition d’Art Contemporain  PEKIN

1995  July 3ème Biennale France- Belgique  YPRES

October Galerie de Nesle . Médaille d’or  PARIS

1994  October Académie Internationale de Lutèce Médaille d’argent Section Beaux Arts  PARIS

1993  September Les Artistes français . Grand Palais – PARIS


20/10/2013  Fontainebleau

29/02/2004  Versailles

26/10/2004  Hôtel Bristol Paris

16/05/2004  Fontainebleau

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