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You Yang Solo Exhibition: In Me the Tiger Sniffs the Rose – The Pop Art Dynasty of A Maverick

Duration: March 20 , 2021 – May 10, 2021

Venue: Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66, Yincheng Rd, Shanghai

Artist: You Yang

The opening ceremony of You Yang solo exhibition “In Me the Tiger Sniffs the Rose – The Pop Art Dynasty of A Maverick” was successfully held at 3 pm. on Mar. 20th, 2021. You Yang presented a vibrant and powerful world of tiger with artistic language, strongly impressed all the audience.

The tiger’s loneliness reflects the mind of young people born in the 80s and 90s influenced by one-child policy. As a promotor of Chinese contemporary art, You Yang shows profound self-exploration and unique attitude to the world in his work of art. Through his tigers, audience are inspired to take a new look at the social relationship and the definition of contemporary art.
You Yang in front of Dynasty Series
During the ceremony, Nancy Lee (the curator), Leo (the founder of Coutts Art Center) shared their celebrations to the exhibition and preference to You Yang’s art. You Yang discussed his inspiration, and invited all the guests to create a public art City Forest together. You Yang believes that the interaction between audience and his tigers makes his art more meaningful and complete.
Leo, Nancy and You Yang
Creating public art City Forest

Time passed by with all hosts and guests enjoying wine and snacks, exchanging their feeling about arts and tasting this very moment of life.
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