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Important Announcement about Impersonating Company’s Accounts and Forging Invoices

Recently, illegal individuals or groups have been found in the market to steal our company’s email address and ask customers to transfer money, forge invoices and make illegal profits in our company’s name, which seriously damage our company’s reputation and customers’ interests. In this regard, our company solemnly declares that

1、All along, our company has been strictly regulating the quality of paintings, marketing and sales, financial management and other internal management, and there is never any behavior that violates our internal management system and market rules.

2、The only official E-mail of our company is, and we have abandoned the stolen E-mail box.

3、The acts of stealing our email address in the above way, asking customers to transfer money and forging invoices in the name of our company are all frauds, and the legal consequences caused by them shall be borne by the relevant persons. My company will do our endeavor to cooperate the investigation.

4、For customers and friends, when you receive E-mails about bank account and invoice, please be sure to verify clearly to prevent deception. Please be fully alert when you see the bank account named “Nacy’s Gallery”. Please call Nancy directly for the verification( +86-13671863626). All the consequences arising from the lack of verification has nothing to do with my company.

Nancy’s Gallery, February 2021

Gallery Host: Nancy Lee


Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66 Yincheng Road, Lujiazui Shanghai, 200120, PRC

Mobile: +86-13671863626


The paintings you purchase will be delivered directly to your home by professional shipping companies, such as DHL, FedEx, etc. with professional packaging for shipment protection, as soon as the payment arrives with your confirmation.

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