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Fairy From Mengbanaxi

Fairy From Mengbanaxi – Solo Exhibition of Liu Ting

Duration: January 22 , 2021 – March 10, 2021

Venue: Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66, Yincheng Rd, Shanghai

Artist: Liu Ting

Booming Flowers with You

60 x 80 cm /Oil on Canvas


120 x 150 cm / Oil on Canvas

Festival of Watermelon

100 x 56 cm / Oil on Canvas

Sad Elephant

70×60cm / Oil on Canvas


120 x 150 cm / Oil on Canvas

The way of expression follows the ideology. Artist Liu Ting grasps instantaneous moments, naturally combining every existence. The strong contrast of color in Ting’s painting reveals the beauty of harmony and the impulse of her  pure soul. Looking at  Ting’s paintings is as if we are in a field of ideal dreams, meeting a happy confidant, bringing us back to a sincere art consciousness.

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Flow of Light

Duration: December 24, 2020 – February 10, 2021

Venue: Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66, Yincheng Rd, Shanghai

Various artists

Artist: Wang Xiaoshuang

Title: Reflection of City No.04

80cm x 120cm / Mixed Media / 2020

Artist: Gu Xiang

Title: Looking for No.8

120cm x 120cm / Oil on Canvas

Artist:Rodica Iliesco

Title: The Car of Arsène Lupin

100cm x 100cm / Oil on Canvas

Artist: Liao Yang

Title: Shanghai Streets

100cm x 100cm / Silkscreen on Paper

Artist: You Yang

Title: Ferocious Animal 3rd Series

240cm x 180cm /Mixed Media

Artist: Liu Ting

Title: Me and My Tea Garden

120cm x 150cm/ Oil on Canvas / 2018

Artist:Franz Burkhardt

Title: Treasurable Life

32cm x 22cm/sketch

Artist: Li Ji

Title: Hidden Fragrance

180×120cm / Oil on Canvas/ 2017

Artist: Zhang Hua

Title: Swimming

37cm x 88cm x 14cm / Bronze Sculpture/ 2012

Artist: Li Yueling

Title: Children from the Mountain – 2

150cm x 120cm/ Oil on Canvas

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Ying’s Secret Garden

Duration: December 5, 2020 – January 10, 2021

Venue: Gala Mall 2F-210, Lane 66, Yincheng Rd, Shanghai

Artist: Xiao Ying

Little Cherry Blossoms / Xiao Ying

Mixed Media 20*20cm

Vision of Flowers / Xiao Ying

Mixed Media 160*150cm

Flowers in Mirror / Xiao Ying

Mixed Media 60*40cm

The Garden / Xiao Ying

Mixed Media 60*80cm

Dreamland of Nostalgia

Mixed Media 90*120cm

Visions-Beautiful Friends / Xiao Ying

Mixed Media 60*60cm

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